Friday Five: Social

  1. Where were you the last time you took an awkward tumble? I can’t think of the most recent one, but maybe that means I haven’t had a notable one in a while. But I had a good one where I just kind of lost my footing in college when I was wearing high-heeled boots, which was kind of rare in college for me, and I fell as soon as I walked into the classroom. There was a good awkward, silent moment of stares. The best, though, was later that same semester, I think, where it was finals week and I was rushing to get my manuscript to my professor. It was a rainy day, and I took the shortcut across the campus lawn, which was a little bit downhill and can get a little, uh, marshy in the rain. I fell right in the mud and completely covered my jeans in it. But I was already dangerously close to deadline–to close to truck it back to my dorm, clean myself up, and go back–so I just delivered the manuscript when I was all muddy and just walked in & was like, “Hey, I fell in mud, here’s my manuscript.”
  2. When did you last dine by the pleasant flicker of candlelight? Real candlelight, probably June when I went to Vallozzi’s with my family for my birthday. But a few weeks ago, Paul and I dined on my beloved Nguyen’s by fake candlelight. It looked real. I checked to see and was disappointed.
  3. Who was the last person to cause you to yelp in surprise? I can’t remember, but the most likely time was at Lynn’s for Marion’s birthday because anytime we’re drinking and telling stories, there’s bound to be some reaction like that.
  4. What were your last good reads, and who recommended them to you? Paul and I have had sort of a book-swap thing going on probably almost the entire time we’ve been dating, which is just as impressive as the time we’ve been dating, so I’ve got American Gods by Neil Gaiman from him right now. The last one I borrowed from him before that was Neverending Story.
  5. When were your friends last in a twitter about something you just couldn’t get excited about? Right after we saw Book of Mormon last weekend. Brandon loved it, and even though I enjoyed it and thought it was funny, I just couldn’t praise it as highly as he did. I think I was let down because of all the hype around it–I’d expected so much from it, and it just didn’t quite deliver.

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