Top 5 on Friday: Coffee

Top 5 songs best listened to with a cup of coffee

 Since I don’t drink coffee, I’ll just apply this to tea or lattes.
1. “Us” by Regina Spektor It’s just the perfect little ditty that’s pretty and upbeat but relaxed and sweet enough to be enjoyed with beverage of choice. Also, Regina Spektor is considered by some outsiders to be ultimate hipster music. Jacob caught Paul listened to her once–maybe this very song–and made some joke about it sounding like the kind of music kids listen to at small liberal-arts colleges or something. I say it’s music for people who just appreciate good songwriting, singing, and general musical artistry.
2. “A Stutter” by Olafur Arnalds Really, any song off of For Now I Am Winter would work because they’re all hauntingly beautiful, often ambient and cinematic. Like, “cup of coffee while gazing out the window on a rainy day and looking melancholy” beautiful, ambient, and cinematic.
3. “Possibility” by Lykke Li Just like our friend Olafur, hauntingly beautiful but with bonus melancholy. We’ll just have to pretend it wasn’t part of a melodramatic scene in Twilight that led Terra and I to promise each other in college that if one of us was ever screaming into a pillow at night over a man, the other would smother her with said pillow because seriously, that shit is ridiculous. You don’t need a man that bad.
4. “The Bed Song”  by Amanda Palmer This song is probably prettier than I originally gave it credit for. Levels of pretty and sad (maybe even bittersweet sometimes?) that make you want to curl up and get cozy.
5. “Love and Some Verses” by Iron and Wine Pretty and relaxing, perfect for a lazy but possibly pensive day. Like Olafur up there, almost any Iron and Wine would fit into this.

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