The Weekend

I don’t prioritize cleaning. Most of the time, my apartment is a mess. I have other things to do. So if someone other than Paul or Brandon is coming over, I do designate a night, usually the one before they come over, to do so. If I can at least get the living room clean and make tiny progress in the kitchen and dining room, I’m happy.

Basically, I spent last Friday night cleaning for Kelly to come over, mostly, since I obviously don’t give a shit what Brandon and Paul think.

They came over Saturday afternoon, and since Paul had a rare work night Friday night, he slept while the rest of us went to see Book of Mormon at the Benedum, which I enjoyed but though was kind of overrated. Brandon loved it, though.

Since Paul locked us out of my apartment with my chain lock, we struggled to wake him up and get in when we got back, but after we succeeded, we had dinner at the Union Grill in Washington, where my mom took me for dinner when we first looked at the apartment last summer. Everyone but Kelly, who is underage, got a little tipsy, then we got some snacks at Shop ‘N’ Save and headed back to my place, where we hung out for a little bit before bed.

Sunday brought Steel City Con in Monroeville, which was also a slight but rare disappointment, mostly because I had my heart set on buying all the Lost shirts from Tee Minus 24 and they weren’t there. I did buy a nice Pennsylvania zombie shirt, though. Remember, kids, all the classic George A. Romero zombie movies are set and filmed here. I also bought fudge. Steel City Con has a bizarre large number of fudge vendors.

I was also kind of cranky but strangely fine after I guzzled two cherry Pepsis.

We did a little shopping at Barnes & Noble. By “a little,” I mean I spent 80 bucks in cash that would’ve been Tee Minus 24’s otherwise.

Then we had lunch at the Green Mango in Monroeville, which Brandon and Kelly had heard of and wanted to try. It was amazing. They replaced Nguyen’s in Uniontown as my favorite pad thai. The portion size was perfect, too. I even still had room for frozen yogurt at Frogurt after. I have a weakness for self-serve frozen yogurt. And I had the heaviest, and therefore most expensive, cup of yogurt.

We hung out for a little bit before they all headed home.


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