Top 5 on Friday: So Bad It’s Good

Top 5 songs that are so bad that they’re good

 1. “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen Honestly, the only reason this song is bad is the lyrics, but it’s catchy as hell and no one can deny that. So it’s actually a pretty good song, perhaps even great by pop standards. Which, as we all know, are low.
2. “Take Me Home Tonight” by Eddie Money This song isn’t actually bad–it’s just really cheesy. So cheesy that I didn’t fully appreciate it until I was in a bar and a band played a pretty badass live rock version of it and everyone sang along. Those are the moments that make life awesome. Then yesterday I watched an old episode of Saturday Night Live with Eddie Money that sent me downloading some more over-the-top but fun and kind of awesome songs.
3. “Looking Hot” by No Doubt Again, catchy as hell and even a great dance song, but the ’90s and frankly most of the rest of No Doubt’s career showed us all they can do better–way better. Because everyone knows Gwen Stefani is hot, and even if this song was supposed to be ironic or making some bigger point, the lyrics are still terrible.
4. “Hummingbird Heartbeat” by Katy Perry Frankly, almost every single Katy Perry song could be on this list except maybe “Teenage Dream,” which is just 100% terrible in every way no matter what. “Hummingbird Heartbeat” follows the typical Katy Perry song problem and the same problem with every other song on this list so far except for my man Eddie Money–the lyrics are just atrocious. Completely. But it’s a song that’s catchy, fun, and has a great chorus. Really, if the lyrics were different, I wouldn’t be complaining.

 5. “Judas” by Lady Gaga Like Katy Perry, almost all Gaga could be on here, with the exception of “You and I” and probably “Speechless,” which are actually both excellent (I’ve noticed I like Gaga the most when she’s being sincere and not ridiculous). Also like Katy Perry, Lady Gaga’s songs tend to be super catchy with terrible lyrics. Sometimes they’re terrible because they feel intentionally controversial–as in forced and awkward–and other times they’re terrible because Gaga just isn’t doing as well as she can, frankly. “Judas” is almost entirely good, though–the music is fun, not cheesy, catchy, danceable. Even considering the premise, I can deal with most of the lyrics. Then she says “ear condom.” Then there’s the fact that I feel like “Judas” only exists to be her controversial religious Madonna rip-off song.


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