Top 5 on Friday: Live

Top 5 bands you wish you could see in concert but never have

 1. Muse I hear their live show is insane. Allegedly one of the best live acts out there right now. Fortunately, I actually will be seeing them in September, but it’s been a long time coming–I’ve been listening to them since Absolution when I was something like 14 or so, and the one show of theirs I did get tickets to around then got canceled after everyone got food poisoning. My Chemical Romance was set to open, and fangirls sent the catering company death threats. Stay classy, MCRmy.
2. Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra I’ve been having a whole love affair with her this past year and I’ve never seen her live. This show would be the perfect combination of dancing and tears. I’m perfect in those situations.
3. Mumford & Sons This would also be equal parts tears and dancing and might look a lot like that scene in Titanic where they have the party in steerage. I just want to see them in someplace crowded, tiny, and full of beer and smoke.
4. David Bowie I know he said he’s not touring, but I’m hoping that he’s gonna either surprise us or use some sort of semantic trickery and like say he’s not touring for this album but will put out another one soon and tour for that one.
5. Erasure Look, I don’t know how good live they actually are, but I do know I go fucking nuts over some of those songs, so it wouldn’t even matter.

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