Top 5 on Friday: Summer

Top 5 “Summer” albums

 1. The 2nd Law by Muse I know this because I was driving to this album really fast on Friday, and it was fantastic. It’s typical Muse with a little more synth and hints of dubstep, so you end up with these very big, fun songs that aren’t too serious for summer fun.
2. Rumours by Fleetwood Mac First of all, seeing them live was one of the best last-minute musical decisions I’ve ever made. I haven’t been able to listen to “Second Hand News” the same way since. The live version just slayed the studio version. Really, Rumours is perfect for all seasons, but some of its more upbeat and airy songs make it perfect for summer–“Second Hand News” is one, plus “Never Going Back Again” and “Go Your Own Way.” Even slower, darker songs like “The Chain” and “Gold Dust Woman” work. It’s all appropriate. It helps that we listened to it on the way to the beach. It’s just a perfect album.
3. Theatre Is Evil by Amanda Palmer I think the sentimental value of this album is a large part of why it keeps coming up, but seriously, it’s fantastic. I’m partial to it because when everything with the Craigs went to shit, the buildup to this album was happening, so I was, say, depressed and driving to/from/around State College listened to songs Amanda leaked herself. I associate “Trout Heart Replica,” “Do It with a Rock Star,” and “Want It Back” with State College, though fortunately in a good, nostalgic way and not the cranky “I don’t want to be home right now so fuck it” way. And then the release party happened in early September and it was hot as balls and I watched it online. And most of the songs do have that catchy, upbeat summer feel–just probably not, like, “The Bed Song” or “Trout Heart Replica,” beautiful as they are.
4. The Origin of Love by Mika Mika is still make glorious pop, but it’s pop that has grown up a little and it’s the kind that’s perfect for summer. Try to listen to “Origin of Love” without wanting to hang out a sun roof and sing. Try.
5. Rockford by Cheap Trick Honestly, this is probably my favorite of Cheap Trick’s. They have some real classics, but this whole album is a little harder and faster, just the way summer music should be. It’s great concert music, which is also perfect since I’m seeing them in August.

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