Top 5 on Friday: Heat

Top 5 albums that turn up the heat

 1. IV by The 1975 It just has a shimmery, summery sound, which is nice, but it also has a song called “Sex,” so it turns the heat up in that sense, too. Kind of, because it’s not exactly a steamy sex song, but whatever.
2. Theatre Is Evil by Amanda Palmer No, I will never not include this, so don’t ask. Just roll yours eyes, call me predictable, and go listen to it to see what I’m talking about. This album reminds me of a few things I’ve discussed, like friend drama and State College and the fact that those two things are sort of related, but it also reminds me of summer. I can’t tell if last year was really a hotter summer or if it just seems like it because I was living in a house without air conditioning at the time, which frankly I was just fine with, but I remember watching the Kickstarter internet countdown for this album on a hot night. I remember playing leaks from this album on hot nights driving to, from, or through State College with the windows down. Pure heat. It also helps the “Melody Dean” is a sexy song.
3. The Bomb Shelter Sessions by Vintage Trouble Vintage Trouble is definitely a band you must look up if you’re into rockabilly, blues, or early rock. This has great grooves, intensity, and a B-side called “Pelvis Pusher.” They’re fantastic.
4. Purple Rain by Prince If by “heat” we mean sex, summer, or both, it doesn’t matter because this album covers everything. In fact, my brother and I have this theory that almost half of Prince’s songs are explicitly about sex, almost half are implicitly about sex, and the remaining sliver aren’t about sex at all. Listen to this on a drive with the windows down, then find someone to bang to like at least half of it to.
5. Father, Son, Holy Ghost by Girls Some albums just have a sound that evokes feelings of warmth and summer, and this is one of them. I can’t really justify this one any other way. Also, it’s fantastic.

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