Top 5 on Friday: Beach

Top 5 songs that make you want to hit the beach

I made a playlist for South Carolina, but apparently, I deleted it.

1. “Starships” by Nikki Minaj The first line is about going to the beach. Come on. Also, it’s catchy as hell, which makes it a perfect beach song.

2. “Just Like Heaven” by The Cure Sure, it’s a song that strangely reminds me more of winter because that’s when I did most of my heavy Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me listening after my mom found her cassette when I was like 13, but it actually talks about the ocean and the video is on a beach. Sure, it also mentions drowning and is probably not as happy a tale as it sounds, but who cares?

3. “Beach Baby” by The First Class How do I know about this obscure gem of a ’70s one-hit-wonder? My mom had some Sounds of the ’70s tape that featured all one-hit-wonders, and this, among many other beautiful songs I eventually learned all the words to, was on it. This song is basically just pure summer, most notably “Beach baby, beach baby / There on the sand / From July to the end of September.” IN MY DREAMS.

4. “The Tide Is High” by Blondie So it’s not literally about the tide, but whatever. I don’t care. It has that tropical sound to it. It is probably my least favorite of the hit Blondie songs, though. Wait, no, I lied. “Call Me” beats it.

5. “Carolina” by Girls It’s one of the few songs I can remember off that vacation playlist because we went to South Carolina. Ha ha. Actually, I know for sure “Beach Baby” and “Starships” were both on there, too.


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