Friday Five: Bureaucracy

  1. The last time your answer was “No,” what was the question? Last night on my weekly IYS editing call with our editor-in-chief, Derek, who asked me if I had any questions.
  2. What’s a rule in your life that just doesn’t make any sense? I used to think a lot of childhood rules didn’t make sense, and lots of Catholic-school rules. I was a kid who didn’t think “Because I said so” was a valid reason for anything and uniforms were stupid and accomplished approximately none of what Catholic schools want them to.
  3. What were the professional or personal circumstances surrounding your last passing of the buck? Professionally, I really can’t think of any. I mean, my day job duties are pretty simple and only I can really do them, and I’m a managing editor for a music site, so doing it over there wouldn’t make sense. Personally, I can’t think of anything, either. Except maybe when I go to my parents’ now and don’t always take Duke out or ask Brandon and my dad to cook for me by saying, “I’m your guest now!”
  4. What’s an annoying bit of paperwork you have to do with some regularity? It’s not quite paperwork, but I have production sheets to fill out at work that list details of shows I worked on–most importantly how long it takes me. They need turned in monthly, so sometimes I don’t keep up with it as well as I should. For IYS, I do all the requests for festival press credentials, which means answering the same questions about the site over and over. I also do the requests for concert press passes, which is easier because I have a generic e-mail template I can use for those, and after that’s sent, I’m corresponding with a human and can wing it.
  5. In some places, employees are entitled to regular smoking breaks. Whether you smoke or not, what would be another thing you’d love to take a fifteen-minute break for, every few hours? Just a general anything-goes break. I should probably use one to walk, actually, because the consensus between Paul and my mother–and I agree–is that getting up and moving around more often at work would help with my back pain. Plus my mother is paranoid after getting a blood clot in her leg that I’m next and doesn’t like me sitting for eight hours in general. Or when I complain of pain anywhere in my body.

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