Laura Came to Town!

I like all of my mom’s friends because they’re all fun, nice people, plus now that I’m getting older, they’re not really censoring themselves much. And I imagine I’m better company now that I can drink than I was when I was a little kid. Anyway, Laura’s probably the one I like the most. She works in design in New York City, and we stayed with her when I was 17 and went for a visit. She wears cool clothes, blue mascara, has neat hair, and is really nice and fun with good taste in just about everything. I always say that Laura is everything I want to be as an adult.

Now that she has Facebook, she’s easier to communicate with, and she tracked me down and told me she’d be in town for a little bit, so my mom got us together with her and Mother’s best friend, Lisa, for dinner one night.

My post-work business-casual attire was probably thrilling, but she did enjoy my dinosaur and record rings and hairpins. And we bonded over Etsy and my ventures in music writing.

Dinner itself was good. We went to the Stone House in the mountains, had a nice dinner, and got to talk and hang out. I realized that I seem to mesh better with people twice my age than I do my peers–while I have fun with them, too, I honestly think a calm dinner out like that was more enjoyable for me than anything else I’d done recently.

The other thing is Laura is a self-esteem booster. I’ve been very open and outspoken in the past about how I felt I had/have very little support in my career and creative endeavors with my friends, and here’s Laura saying she’s read my other blog and thinks I’m smart and funny. She thinks my IYS projects are cool and a good way to build a resume and start a real writing career. If Paul is my personal full-time cheerleader and Terra is my part-time cheerleader when we’re not both bitching about something else, Laura is another stand-in that enters at the right time.

I really hope she comes back to town again, although when you live in New York City, I’m not sure why you would.


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