Here’s a List of Random Fun Stuff I’ve Done in Like the Past Two Months

  • Saw Foreigner with the family, had dinner at PF Chang’s. It was a good show in the Carnegie Library’s music hall. We had balcony seats. Balconies are always good for short people like me.
  • Scott came home on leave and Terra was having a hard time finding someone to go with her to pick him up since I think her doctors have once again declared her health isn’t suitable for driving, so I volunteered. Airport military reunions are cute, and of course we ruined it by teasing Scott and telling him I was spending the night at the house with them and we had a day full of shopping and the zoo planned. He believed it and was surprised when I was like, “Nah, we’re just fucking with you, bestest,” and went home.
  • Went to Sarah’s for a fun little Memorial Day shebang, involving a long game of Kings, but Kings always seems to run long. And then Paul annoys the shit out of me when he’s drunk, and he almost never annoys me. He gets what I call “pulley,” where he keeps pulling me towards him. I don’t like it. Plus he’s just generally much louder and more ridiculous, and he’s normally so tame that I can’t stand it otherwise.
  • We spent a day in the mountains, since he’s been wanting to do that for ages. He loves them mountains. Tessa’s boyfriend’s band happened to be playing at the same time, so we went over to watch them and hang out for a little bit before I let Paul drag me all over the woods. His version of going to Ohiopyle involves legitimate hikes, climbing, and outdoorsy things, whereas from childhood, my parents were more like, “Oh, look, cool waterfalls,” and maybe we took the dog, too. I actually still owe Paul a trip to Cooper’s Rocks in West Virginia as a graduation present.
  • At the end of our mountain excursion, Julie called needing picked up from work because their dog had maggots coming out of him. I was convinced that it couldn’t be anything less than horrible, but turns out it’s actually a pretty easy thing to have happen with dogs that spend a lot of time outdoors. He’s fine now.

And when we return, I’ll tell the tale of a family Memorial Day gathering because my dad’s family is so dysfunctional that my brother and I have turned them into a drinking game.


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