Friday Five: The Grass Is Always Greener

  1. What’s something non food-related you have to go to a nearby town to do because the town where you live doesn’t have it? Frozen yogurt. I either have to go into the city or back home to Fayette County for it, which is weird.
  2. What’s something you go to a nearby town to do because your town’s version of it isn’t as good? I haven’t eaten any sushi in Washington yet, but I go home and have it. I also travel a little to do my shopping–we have a mall, but I’ve never been there. I go to the outlets or South Hills or just Pittsburgh. I was on a whole quest on Record Store Day in the city.
  3. What’s something people in nearby towns come to your town to do? The outlets! We also have a casino and racetrack, and around here, it’s either Washington, Pittsburgh, or the new one at Nemacolin, but you have to pay to get in.
  4. In what way are residents of a nearby town different from residents in your town? It depends on where you are because a lot of Pennsylvania towns are close to farm towns if they’re not one themselves. So I’d say Washington’s in the middle where you’ve got farmers nearby but also the city slickers in Pittsburgh.
  5. Many towns give themselves nicknames, like “______ Capital of America” or “America’s ___________est Town” or “Home of __________.” What would be a good nickname along these lines to give the town where you live? I don’t know enough about Washington to say, but we are called Little Washington or WashPA. My hometown’s longstanding nickname is perfect, though–Fayettenam.

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