Top 5 on Friday: Gone Too Soon

Top 5 artists that were taken from us too soon

 1. Buddy Holly “Elvis Presely was America’s rebound from Buddy Holly,” my brother once said when a musical debate erupted when a debate broke out over who was better. I laughed really, really hard before I agreed. Buddy Holly was more original and probably would’ve gone amazingly far in his career if he wouldn’t have died in that infamous plane crash. Oh, yeah, Buddy Holly was more influential, too–without Buddy Holly and the Crickets, you don’t have The Beatles. Who do you think inspired their original look and insect-like name? Also, I don’t feel right calling him either “Buddy” or “Holly” like I might with Elvis–it must be his full name, Buddy Holly.
2Freddie Mercury Always and forever. Queen is one of the greatest bands of all time and Freddie had one of the greatest voices of all time. And he may have been very private, but as far as we can tell, he was a genuine, kind-hearted man. Honestly, can you imagine what the state of the world and music industry might be if he were still alive?
3. John Lennon I mean, come on. He was murdered, for one thing, and his death came at a time when there was talk of Beatles reunions and reconciliation with his son Julian. Now, Julian’s tales of John as a father are why I can’t 100% jump on the John Lennon Peace and Love Bandwagon and see him as a bit of a hypocrite instead, but who knows what would’ve happened to The Beatles and what John would have to say about current events. Fortunately, Yoko Ono and their son, Sean, give us a pretty good idea.
4. George Harrison So George was older when he died, but Paul and Ringo are still going. You know George would’ve been. When George died, my proper Beatles introduction was still a few years away. Plus George seemed to be the one who truly practiced what he preached–his best friend and wife had an affair together and he forgave them both. I have a hard enough time about not still getting pissed off when I think about my friends being dicks last year, and that’s not even near the same level of dickery as an affair.
5. Johnny Cash Really, I didn’t get into Johnny Cash until relatively recently, so it would’ve been nice to appreciate him when he was still around. I hope heaven is just amazing concerts with amazing dead musicians. But don’t tell my Aunt Vicky because she’ll say, “Really? That’s what you expect?” And yes, she actually said those words to me once.

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