Friday Five: The Person Who

  1. At a business establishment you patronize regularly, what might the employees refer to you as, when they speak of you behind your back? I don’t think I’m notable anywhere other than the store where Paul goes in Washington for Magic the Gathering cards, where I’m probably just known as his girlfriend who stands around and either waits for him or peruses the graphic novels and comics.
  2. Similarly, at your places of employment, current and/or past, what do either the patrons or brand-new employees who don’t remember your name yet probably refer to you as? At IYS, I’m probably just “the features editor.” No idea who I am at work.
  3. Aliens have come to earth to observe families and take notes. If each member of your family is listed as the one who __________, which are you? (bonus question: what are the others in your family written down as?) I’m the one who writes and is always on Tumblr and listening to music.
  4. You meet someone you had a crush on in high school, someone who didn’t know you felt that way (let’s say you meet him or her in the grocery store, and that the snow is falling Christmas Eve…). He or she doesn’t remember your name, but does remember you. How are you cataloged in this old crush’s memory? Probably as the goth/punk girl.
  5. If a hobby of yours were to have some kind of club, and if the other club members only knew you by your particular preferences, styles, or behaviors in that hobby, how would they refer to you? Let’s apply this to class workshops: I was the one who wrote about Fayette County.

As always, from Friday Five.


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