Top 5 on Friday: Places

Top 5 songs that take you places

1. “Keystoned” by Punchline This one is borderline because it’s about Pennsylvania and that’s where I’m from and have spent my whole life so far anyway, but it’s a nice homage that references places from little towns around here like Belle Vernon and California to Philly across the state and plenty of places in between. And fun facts, too! “Pittsburgh has more bridges than any other city / Not counting Venice.”

2. “Massachusetts Avenue” by Amanda Palmer I have never been to Boston so I know nothing about the places it references, but I imagine this to be a pretty accurate description of the area and Massachusetts Avenue, full of memories and anecdotes we all have connected with particular places. The best part of this song is it’s catchy as hell and has some of my favorite lines Palmer has ever written: “Do you remember loving me more than I could be loved? / I chased you for so long and when I caught you, I gave up,” “You don’t have to go back home at all!” “There’s the cemetery where I broke your heart in two / And there’s the pair of stones that we had laughed was me and you / I stared at them a long time, and I asked if it was true / If I still really loved you, and they answered / Yes you do!” The Dresden Dolls’ “Jeep Song” is similar in its Boston-related tales, too.

3. “West Coast” by Coconut Records Probably one of the prettiest songs ever that’s simultaneously a great love song and a great but sad song about travel and distance.

4. “World in My Eyes” by Depeche Mode This also doubles for a sex song–and by that I mean I’m pretty sure the whole thing is actually almost entirely about sex. Even so, if that’s a good way to travel and see the world, fine by me. Bonus points for the Cure cover.

 5. “500 Miles” by The Proclaimers Because I would walk 500 miles, and I would walk 500 more…



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