Top 5 on Friday: Fall Releases

Top 5 albums you can’t wait to buy this autumn

 1. An Evening with Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer Just kidding! I just preordered it, but I’ll include it anyway. Back before I got super into both Amanda and Neil, they did a Kickstarter to do a live album of some of Neil’s readings, some of Amanda’s songs, and some songs and things together. It’s a three-disk set with some gems only really available here. I’m also pretty pumped to have Neil reading “The Day the Saucers Came” on a CD to have and cry to forever. That’s one of my all-time favorite poems. And I also heard it read live. Yay for me!
2. Small Little Pieces by Blue of Colors Okay, so, this has been out since summer, but true to form, I haven’t bought it yet. I aim to change that because I’ve streamed it and it’s excellent. It’s Punchline’s lead singer’s more indie-oriented side project. And he messaged me once to send me a link or something per a Facebook offer or something and threw in that he likes my other blog. There are also two fantastic corresponding stories that involve me dancing with him post-show as a teenager and my drunk dad having just returned from Iraq giving him a kiss on the cheek, which, if you know anything about my dad, is super weird.
3. Ghost on Ghost by Iron and Wine Same deal–summer release I never bought. Come to think of it, I don’t own any Iron and Wine.
4. Burials by AFI Just kidding! I preordered this already, too. The only bad thing is that it’s released the day after the show I’m going to, so I won’t know all the words, but I’ll cry anyway.
5. Bomb Shelter Sessions by Vintage Trouble I should’ve bought this last fall, but alas, I spend my money on adult things I need now and music doesn’t get prioritized until I splurge hard on Record Store Day. But if you’re looking for good, nostalgic rock, this is it.

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