Friday Five: Toss

  1. When (and why) did you last intentionally throw food onto the floor or ground? Yesterday. I had some bread that got a little moldy, so I ripped it up & threw it outside.
  2. To whom did you last throw a canned or bottled beverage? Most likely either Paul or Brandon.
  3. When did you last throw a ball? Not sure about tossing, but I rolled one to Duke a week or so ago when I was playing with him at my parents’. By the way, he had cataracts, got them removed over the summer, and is now a much more playful dog than he was before!
  4. When someone throws you a set of keys, how confident are you while those keys are in midair that you will catch them and be cool doing it? Zero. I’m bad at catching as it is, and depending on where and how fast those keys are traveling, I’m more likely to flinch and get hit or drop them and get stabbed in the hand in the process.
  5. What’s something you regret throwing away? My life. Just kidding! I’m happy with where I am. Honestly, I’m not sure. I tend to be a pack rat–my mom fears I have hoarding in my future–so I tend to do the total opposite and keep things rather than throw them out. So when I do go through things and throw them away or donate them or put them on eBay, they’ve already been around for awhile and need to go.

From Friday Five.


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