For the most part, weekends (and weekdays, for that matter) are pretty much the same–usually Paul comes over, we go out and do something fun, he ends up spending the night whether or not he planned to. Sometimes I go back home and we do something fun. And me going to hang out with him instead of him coming here is a cock block by default, just so you know.

He’s on rotating shifts, which naturally has pros and cons. On the one hand, it means we work the same shift for a month, which is ideal, but then it also means he works afternoons, which are terrible for being in a relationship because it puts us on completely different schedules and leaves about a half hour for us to call each other on our respective lunch breaks. Night shift next month is probably gonna me more aggravating sleeping schedules, and then he goes to a sort of floating shift from 7 p.m. to 3 a.m. We actually suspect that’ll suck somewhat less than night shift, even if it is the weirdest hours ever.

The one kind of nice thing about this is he works Friday nights, which frees me up to hang out with other people–not that I make tons of plans anyway, but Leah and I are planning to get together with Mr. Mac this week–or keeps me in and makes me get stuff done. I’ve found Friday nights tend to be my most productive because by then I’m caught up on everything and can stay up late.

So that means Paul came over on Saturday, we hung out for a bit, he brought over takeout from our favorite Greek place down the road, and we went to the Waterfront to see Don Jon, which I found to be a funny but smart movie and a pretty accurate commentary on modern life, our vices, and expectations within relationships. After that, we wandered around a bit to try to find food, but the best places were packed, so we tried this Japanese place that was good but not my favorite.

And then I took us on an expedition to go see the 40-foot-tall duck currently sitting in the river, which took awhile because we managed to keep missing or making wrong turns. And since Paul was driving and normally isn’t the one to drive in the city, it left him a bit cranky, but in the end I think we had a good time and he did secretly at least kind of enjoy the duck. People tend to fall into two camps here–either they think the duck is adorable and neat because, you know, it’s a 40-foot-tall duck in the river, or they don’t care at all, thinks it’s dumb, and don’t understand the appeal of seeing a 40-foot-tall duck in a river. To each their own, and I get some people just aren’t into ducks, but seriously, an art installation that big in the river is at least notable.

I spent part of Sunday shopping with Terra because she decided for some reason she wanted skinny jeans and wanted my opinion because I have been known to wear some pretty tight pants and she thinks her thighs are huge (mine are easily bigger, and I also decided the size of my ass makes all my clothes 75% sluttier). She did find ones she liked and that I think look good on her, but I don’t think she believed me.

And then I discovered the merits of getting groceries at Giant Eagle instead of Shop N Save, which is pretty much just a bigger selection…which ultimately led to spending more money than I would have otherwise, but whatever. They’ll make up for it with coupons.


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