Is It the Weekend Yet?

I’ve had a busy week.

Terra and I went to see AFI Tuesday night, who played a set so epic that it went by faster than maybe any other concert I’ve ever been to. They found a great balance of old and new material, plus they encored with their “Just Like Heaven” cover, which is fantastic. It was the kind of show that both reminds you of why you ever fell in love with a band and makes you fall in love all over again. The show was in what I consider to be Pittsburgh’s worst live venue, though–Club Zoo. It currently operates as an under-21 club, and the setup is perfect for that, but it’s about the worst setup imaginable for live music, especially live music that invites large crowds and mosh pits. It has a sort of elevated bar area with rails that zig-zag, so if you’re in one of those corners, you’re screwed. You’re also screwed if you’re on that platform and aren’t in the front two or three rows. You’re also screwed if you’re anywhere past about where the sound guy’s setup is. You basically can’t see from any of these locations, and traffic got us there later than I wanted, so we ended up paying an extra 10 bucks each to get access to the VIP lounge on a balcony. The aim of the VIP lounge is to get people to drink at shows at the cash bars, but everyone up there obviously went for the better view. It wasn’t a bad plan–we could certainly see more up there than we could anywhere else on the floor, and it kept injury-prone Terra far away from the intense mosh pits. The bros next to me were pretty obnoxious and yelled for the band to play their “Halloween” cover maybe every other time there was a brief break in the music at all because “IT’S OCTOBER!” Should’ve told them to shut up.

I usually don’t take the day off from work after concerts–I feel guilty for taking time off, even if I’ve earned it and have plenty of days stockpiled. I suspect this is some leftover thing from college, especially since I really haven’t been out in the workforce all that long. I guess it’s something I’ll have to get used to, and I am starting to. The tons of summer concerts I went to had me all worn out the next day, and when I bought our tickets, we discussed possibly hanging out to meet the band so I figured requesting off was smart, but turns out Terra had a 9 a.m. internship the next morning and we went to Taco Bell instead.

The day off proved a smart move, though, and I’m gonna have to remember to keep doing it. Getting in late didn’t matter and I got to sleep in, and being home all day meant Paul and I could actually talk to each other like a normal couple before he went to work. In the evening, I went to the Pens game with my whole family–my mom got club seats through a company she deals with at work, so we had a great view (I think the ticket value is something around, oh, $170) and we won.

Yesterday, I finally got my ass back on birth control with a trip to Planned Parenthood. I am very excited about no longer having horrible, painful, ass-kicking periods. And Planned Parenthood was a great place, too–the wait was long, but it’s obvious that it’s a great resource for women. I mean, most of the reason I even went to them specifically is because I knew I could afford it and they have a good reputation.

Today was laundry day, but since I actually stayed home, it’s been my night to unwind before dinner with Leah and Mr. Mac tomorrow and a mountain trip Saturday with Paul. It’s supposed to rain. He doesn’t care. Besides, he LOVES the mountains, so it’ll be good for him.


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