Friday Five: Roles

From Friday Five.

  1. Who’s the class clown? You know, most people who don’t know him well probably wouldn’t guess it, but Paul is really funny. He gets over the top very easily, but he always makes me laugh.
  2. Who’s the village idiot? My dad. He’s stubborn, and if Fox didn’t say it, it’s not real. And if Fox did say it, it is real, even when science, logic, and fact prove otherwise. Actually, anyone who watches Fox and believes everything they report on is kind of an idiot. Bonus points for if they also think the network is really fair and balanced like they claim.
  3. Who’s the helicopter parent? I don’t know that I’d consider Paul’s mom a helicopter parent, but she’s not exactly far off. It’s like it comes and goes in spurts–for awhile, she’ll be cool and will acknowledge that he’s a grown-ass man living at home and will let him do his own thing, but inevitably a few weeks later she’ll go off about what he’s doing and where he’s going with a little bit of how much she thinks I suck thrown in the mix.
  4. Who’s the big man on campus? I have no idea. I really can’t think of anyone with such a good reputation. The closest might be me, actually, since I’m working full-time and doing editing on the side. And Paul for working full-time and having a short story published in the near future. And then Brandon is family-wise–he’s most likely the favorite right now for going into psychology. Pap Pap Moe said he’d help pay for his master’s. Pap Pap Moe told me I should go back to school for my master’s in case I get married then divorced because I’ll need a way to take care of myself, because, you know, I fully intend on being 100% financially supported by Paul, expect him to leave me, and my current job and degree are worthless in that event anyway.
  5. Who’s the queen bee? Probably my mother. She’s kind of a fierce, sassy bitch who gets shit done and puts people in place, especially my dad, but remains deservedly well-liked both professionally and personally. And she quotes Mean Girls regularly.

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