Friday Five: ID Part 2

  1. How familiar are you with the plants and trees in your area? Not at all. I can identify things that really stand out, especially if they’re included in my mother’s landscaping, and I can obviously pick out the evergreen trees.
  2. How familiar are you with the wildlife in your area? I’m a little better with that, not that there’s much to be familiar with. I’m sure it’s more complicated than I think, but we’ve basically got your typical woodland critters. You know, the ones you generally see on the side of the road (mostly deer) or hear through anecdotes of things like bats in houses or raccoons eating leftovers kept on the porch in the winter to keep cold or snakes creeping in.
  3. Can you name the makes and models of five of your friends’ cars without looking? Nope. I could tell you Paul’s, my parents’, and Leah’s because I just saw it two weeks ago and it’s a Nissan Rogue like Paul’s, except his is red.
  4. How many of your co-workers’ spouses and kids can you name? Some of them I know the names of but would never recognize them. The closed-captioning business is not a particularly social one in which we learn lots about each other’s lives.
  5. If you had the radio on whatever station is playing current hits, how would you do at naming the songs and artists you heard? Probably better than you’d think. For as much as I openly dislike most of it, I like listening to the Kiss Morning Freak Show out of Pittsburgh, so I end up hearing a lot and I know what most of it is. I just usually switch to a trusty CD when a song I don’t like comes on.

From Friday Five.


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