Psychic Spooky Times

This title brought to you courtesy of Meri’s Foursquare check-in/tweet.

Awhile ago–like, at least a month or long–Meri mentioned wanting to see a good psychic in the area, and she settled on this woman in Uniontown named Charanne that a lot of people really liked, so a small group of us decided to go and made an appointment. It ended up that like half had to drop out, so it ended up just being me, Meri, Stephanie’s friend Erica, and my mom, who was taking the place of one of the aforementioned dropouts on short notice. I probably could’ve gotten Brandon to go, too, if he wouldn’t have had class.

Now, our appointment with the Angel Ladies was about this time last year. Aunt Gina is having them back, but they’ve upped their price to around 200 bucks. I think they’re worth it if you can afford it, are that interested, and have lost someone close to you, but in my case, I feel one reading a year ago was sufficient until a major life event. Charanne, though, I thought was pretty good–not as good, though–and she’s cheaper, so I’d be up for annual visits to her if for nothing else than shits and giggles.

What I found most interesting about my reading last night was two major things that the Angel Ladies also brought up a year ago–my inevitable marriage to Paul and problems with his family, which will flare up when we plan our wedding (obviously). My dad chalks this up to statistics, like most skeptics would, but as far as I know, she’s not telling all unwed girls my age they’re gonna marry the guy they’re with and that they have stress with his family. I, however, find it interesting that two different psychics a year apart who knew nothing about me both said those two things. The Angel Ladies were more specific, saying it was his mom and that one of my grandmothers says she’s “off,” but I still find it interesting. They both also had similar numbers for how many kids we’ll have, but I can’t remember what the Angel Ladies told me specifically. Charanne said definitely one, maybe two, but not to have them four years apart like she was seeing.

As for this inevitable marriage, she sees him proposing next year, but current problems with his job may delay that somewhat, which she eerily asked about out of nowhere when that very morning, he’d gotten a review at random and was told he’s basically got two months to improve or he’s out. But she also said he’s gonna get a new job, and it’ll be a fresh start for him. And he won’t want a long engagement, so we should get married either that same year or the following year and I should suggest to him what kind of ring I want because our tastes don’t match up. We shouldn’t have a destination wedding because too many people will get hurt if we do (same with Meri, and we also can’t get married the same year), and we’re gonna have a big wedding with 300 people. Fuck, I hope not. The wedding party will be big–she sees at least four bridesmaids, and I can say right now without putting much thought into it it’ll almost definitely be more than that. She doesn’t see me divorcing (to which my mom joked, “Me either”) or remarrying should I be widowed.

I don’t want to tell him a psychic says he’ll land a new job because I’d rather let these things play out, ironically, but I did tell him the “new start” business and he asked if I was part of it. I’ve told him the Angel Ladies said we’re gonna get married, but since Charanne actually gave me a timeline, I’d rather not plant that idea and see what happens.

Charanne does things a little differently than the Angel Ladies. The Angel Ladies start just listing names and things and sort of say whatever comes to mind–and sometimes they’re both talking at once and you don’t know who to focus on–but Charanne has you shuffle a deck of playing cards, then reads them like tarot. That was actually pretty neat–she’d lay a card down and ask a very specific life question apparently related to the card. She also read my palm.

She said I had lucky cards and should go gamble because I’ll win a small amount of money, about a few hundred bucks. Funny thing is a few hundred bucks is a big deal to me. I’ll also be getting either a new job or a promotion.

She asked if any of us were related because we all had the same female spirit around us, which I’m thinking is Grandma. She knew Paul recently bought a car and said mine will get minor repairs, which I’m hoping is gonna be a dent from a damn hit-and-run in a parking lot that my mom thinks is pointless to fix because it’ll probably just happen again, since we suspect it happened at my apartment. Paul’s dad has some minor health problems, and I’m prone to minor stomach issues, thyroid problems, and lower back pain, and two of those I for sure already have on occasion.

It was a fun time. I think I was a little more intrigued just because parts of her reading were so similar to the Angel Ladies. I guess we’ll see if Paul and I get new jobs soon and get engaged in 2014.

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