Booking Through Thursday

I decided I need a book meme in my life, so here it is.

Outside of books, what’s your favorite thing to read Newspapers? Magazines? Blogs? Fanfiction? Specific websites?

I’m not sure what my favorite is, but I dabble in most of the above and almost entirely online. I read the online versions of local newspapers, as well as Spin and Rolling Stone. Twitter makes it super easy to sort of curate what I want to read, so I also end up on and Of course, I read my own musical pseudo-employer, I don’t read many blogs, aside from a few that’ll pop up on Twitter or Facebook, aside from, which is pretty regular. As for short-form pursuits, and Brevity. I submitted a piece to The Rumpus like two nights ago and I have some ideas that would suit Brevity, I think.

And because I’m not content with just one reading discussion for the night, I’m hitting Booking Through Thursday’s archives.

  1. What kind of books do you like to read? I will seriously read almost anything. The only things I don’t seem to get as into are more academic writings, science-y things, romance, mystery, and true crime, but there are exceptions. For example, I’m interested in Richard Feynman right now, who was a physicist, and I want to read The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. And I have read mysteries and true crime, it’s just that they tend to not interest me quite as much.
  2. Why? Provide specific examples. My tastes are very eclectic, and just in books. I’ve always loved reading, so as long as it sounds interesting to me, I’ll read it. I’ll even read things that don’t sound interesting to me if they get a lot of hype or I receive a personal recommendation, aside from when my dad and other ultra conservatives try to tell me to read Glenn Beck or Bill O’Reilly. I enjoy anything that tells a good story or is well-written, or even if one of those traits is lacking but the other makes up for it. My stack of what I’m reading now is pretty eclectic: Sandman, which is a comic/graphic novel, I enjoy because it’s Neil Gaiman and is dark an intriguing, though I haven’t fallen in love with it as much as I’d hoped and as much as some have. Anne Rice’s Called Out of Darkness because I like her and discussions of religion and spirituality very interesting, although her writing in this is lacking–I want her to show me rather than tell me, the way she does in her fiction. 50 Shades of Grey because I had to see what the hyper was about, and I actually like it so far, but Christian Grey is about to ruin it by being a possessive, controlling asshat. Barnaby Rudge by Charles Dickens, which isn’t engaging me much, which is weird because I generally get pretty into Dickens and this one’s all full of murder and swindles. Go Ask Alice, which is a total letdown because it’s surprisingly boring for being a fake drug memoir, but I suspect that’s because it feels so forced to me. Tess of the D’Urbervilles did not interest me at all but it was an old book of my mom’s, and I’ve fallen in love with it. I just want Tess to be happy and for Angel Clare to come around! The House of Mirth is interesting but not impressive. I’m still trudging through The Fountainhead after literally years–I hate it. It’s boring and poorly written. It got good for a hot minute but killed it again. I feel like I’ve read 500 pages of bad exposition with terrible characters. Seriously, these people all suck. Which leads us to American Gods, which is getting so epic that it’s giving me a mindfuck almost on Harry Potter levels. And then there’s Great Expectations lurking in my purse, which I liked well enough to start but shit just got real. I also realized it’s almost a less epic Bleak House. Shit, I loved Bleak House.

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