When I still lived at home–especially in the summer–it was pretty common to roll out of bed and find Brandon out on the computer watching YouTube videos of Whose Line Is It Anyway? To the point that we all kind of tease him about it.

So then two of the show’s comedians, Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood, actually rolled into Pittsburgh, and of course it was all, “Well, we’ve got to take Brandon,” so it was kind of a late birthday present for him Saturday night.

Paul came over Friday, which is kind of a routine for us now when I don’t have any reason to go home, and I talked him into a trip to Sephora at South Hills Village for some moisturizer I’d fallen in love with, since I knew my free sample wouldn’t last me the week. We went to dinner at Max and Erma’s first, drank a little, then when we were done we came back here and drank a little more.

Somehow, we ended up having a relatively serious conversation in which I told him he keeps complaining about life situations like his job he hates but won’t actually do anything about it, which significantly upset him at first (and by that, I mean like a minute or so) before he admitted I was right and resolved to actually try to better his situation instead of complain. One of my consistent, semi-major complaints about him has been that this is pretty common–he’ll complain and mope about things he could change pretty easily, or at least take steps to change.

He ended up having trouble sleeping, though as far as I know not because of our conversation–he actually did stay in my room with me for most of the night, even though I was pretty soundly asleep. And the good thing was he’s on the 7 p.m. to 3 a.m. shift at work so he should be up all night and ended up falling asleep around 5. He made plans in town with a friend, so I had to wake him up around noon, especially since waking him up can be an arduous task.

He left me reading American Gods because he wanted to see my reaction (I’m at the end), and then I went off to drop off recycling and meet my family (plus Kelly) for dinner at PF Chang’s, which was a delicious and mildly drunken time for me.

Colin and Brad did put on a good, entertaining show, and it was filmed for a TV/Netflix release sometime this year. It was kinda neat to see how they actually go about filming those things, which includes bringing people up from the back to fill in empty seats and asking us to remove our winter coats. I’ll be interested to see what makes the cut.

And now we wait for more snow.


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