Since the snow never arrived, travel plans weren’t hindered and Scott was able to come home for Thanksgiving. They only get liberty for Thanksgiving, meaning they can only travel so far, and Scott’s lucky enough to live within the approve travel radius. Some of his Navy buddies aren’t, though, so Terra invited them over and one, Wells, took her up, so she decided to have a little Black Friday shindig.

Since Paul spent Thanksgiving night at my house, I had the lovely task of waking him up, which isn’t easy. His sleeping habits are one of the reasons I think he’s depressed–no matter how much he sleeps, he’s still tired and it takes a lot of effort to wake him up. One of the things I hear him say the most is, “My alarm went off, but I just could not move,” or some variation of that, at least three times a week. Since he had to go home and shower and change and we had to leave for Terra’s at 2, I gave him until about noon and promised I’d let him sleep as late as he wanted the next day at my place.

My brain wasn’t working quite right and I miscalculated the time I’d need to get ready, so I ended up running late. I figured it would be easier for me to drive and crash at my apartment, plus I was expecting a package I didn’t want to leave out all weekend. And then when I went to pick up Paul, we ended up talking with his sisters for awhile.

Once we got to Terra’s, we had a good time. She had plenty of food and drinks, which was good for Paul since he forgot to eat–I tried to feed him at my house but he said he was gonna eat at his, then he forgot. Moral of the story: always force-feed Paul.

Scott’s friend John came, and so did Terra’s brother, Dom, his girlfriend, and her two kids. We pretty much just ate, drank, watched Clerks 2, and hung out and played some Apples to Apples. Simple, but a good time. And Wells is a nice dude. Bonus points because Terra’s dog, Lilly, likes him.


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