Friday Five: Seeds

  1. When did you last have sunflower seeds? I can’t even remember. It’s definitely been many years.
  2. What do you think of the idea of sipping coconut milk through a straw, right from a fresh coconut? I’d have to try coconut milk first to make sure I actually like it, but if I do, sipping it straight from a coconut would be pretty cool.
  3. When did you most recently consume some kind of seed? Not sure. I eat enough fruit and such that it had to be recently, I just can’t think of when or what.
  4. What’s the seediest-looking nearby neighborhood like? Just really run-down with random really nice-looking buildings, too.
  5. When did you last plant some metaphorical seeds, and has there been germination? I was telling Paul and my mom some things I’d like for Christmas last night and today, but I have no idea where that will get me. With Paul, since he’s a forgetful man, probably nowhere. With my mom, it depends on whether or not she buys Brandon a Kindle and has to buy me more stuff to keep things equal.

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