Booking Through Thursday: Least Favorite

What was your LEAST favorite book last year? Most disappointing?

As usual, I’m still trudging through The Fountainhead. I’m also disappointed with Go Ask Alice because it reads like unrealistic  paranoid propaganda–almost like Reefer Madness in book form but not hilarious–that people would give their kids to scare the shit out of them when it comes to drugs. This girl gets in a hell of a lot of trouble for just using pot and acid. Charles’ Dickens Barnaby Rudge isn’t doing it for me, either. It feels like an epic book that should be amazing, but it’s just not as good as other more widely read Dickens classics.

As for the books I actually finished in 2013, I didn’t like Robinson Crusoe at all. I found it boring, and I’ve realized I can’t do survival stories. I just don’t find them as compelling as maybe I should. I also wasn’t a fan of Tell No One by Harlan Coben because the plot twists felt cheap, as if they’re there just to keep the book suspenseful. That said, I want to do a reread to see if these things add up when you know what happens. I didn’t like American Rust by Philipp Meyer, either. I thought it was kind of boring and couldn’t connect with any of the characters, which is especially strange since it’s set right in my home county.

I guess 2013 was one of my more disappointing years for books I’ve had.



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