Booking Through Thursday: Hated

If there was one book you could make sure nobody ever read again … what would it be? And why?

Let’s go with the ones I’ve been complaining about lately.

50 Shades of Grey mostly just because Christian is an ass, and while I generally thing readers and any human who consumes any sort of media are smart enough to not base their decisions, lives, or relationships around what they read, listen to, or watch, I do still think that a lot of ladies read books like this and look at characters like Christian and view them as the penultimate romantic. Nope. Being controlling, manipulative, and abusive isn’t romantic. Whoever came up with Discovery ID is probably rich because of dudes like Christian Grey.

Go Ask Alice because it’s ridiculous. I see its usefulness if you want to scare teenagers into not doing drugs, but the whole book just seems so implausible and extreme. Yes, drugs can be very, very bad, but I know plenty of people who have smoked pot or used acid and didn’t end up in half the shit this girl did. I’d rather read an honest memoir of drug addiction. Or A Million Little Pieces. He may have been making shit up, but at least it was a good book.

Fountainhead because no one needs to be this bored. While things are picking up, an interesting first chapter and random interesting segments between that and the ending are unacceptable. Plus if no one read it again, we could all talk about Ayn Rand a little bit less.


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