On Conspiracy Theories and Politics and Relationships and Stuff

I love hearing a good conspiracy theory, but finding them entertaining and believing them are totally different. And I’m amazed by people who are highly educated believing them, especially when they’re coming from blogs with no other sources. Some dude who says he saw something doesn’t make it so.

If a college professor wouldn’t accept it as a source on a paper, you shouldn’t be believing it or repeating it.

I also have a major problem with the underlying theme of conspiracy theories–almost every single one implies that we’re all pawns, powerless to powers above us that control everything. I don’t believe that. In fact, I think it’s a cop-out that allows people who buy into them to promote their own paranoia and let things in the world run amuck without trying to fix them. If everything is corrupt, then why should we try, you know?

There was a whole discussion on this the other night thanks to Facebook, but it also led to another interesting, semi-political point.

I ended up chatting with Fr. Bob on the subject. We ended up on a slight digression regarding some of his dreams for the area. He’s very outspoken on what can and should be done to improve it, and he told me he’s working with some people to open a Headkeeper’s-like establishment, which I think is an excellent idea that would probably be pretty successful. I mentioned how Headkeeper’s is on my long list of places I want to take Paul, and Fr. Bob said he’d love to join us and we seem like a very opposite couple.

I feel like I’ve discussed this before, but a quick, half-assed search turned up nothing.

Outwardly, yes, we are total opposites. We kind of make fun of ourselves for it. He prefers to dress pretty plain, and I’m typing this wearing a black lace shirt under a bright red tank top with even more lace and some beading. I have epic, curly reddish-brown hair, and it’s drastically changed length and color multiple times since we started dating. I’m a liberal, he’s a conservative.

Except, well, it’s not that simple. For one thing, “liberal” and “conservative” give you vague ideas of the views but not the specifics. And Paul is not, nor has he ever been, as conservative as he’s claimed, which I’ve pointed out to him. He may be more religious than me and his personal desires and decisions may be pretty traditional, but he’s a little more live-and-let-live than his conservative family and friends. We’ll occasionally get into an intellectual debate, but he’s not exactly a fan of the Republican party right now. Granted, his mom blames that on me, which may explain why she hates my life.

Sorry, I have to interrupt myself to report that iTunes is on shuffle and just played Buddy Holly’s “You’re So Square (Baby, I Don’t Care)”. Perfect.

So anyway, Fr. Bob mentioned that his friend John talks like Paul is super conservative and I’m super liberal. Now, when John and Paul were better friends, this was true, so I’ll give him a pass there. But he’s only met me maybe three times tops, and we’ve never discussed politics. All he knows is what he sees on Facebook–and not for much longer because he’s getting purged, but we’ll get to that–and what other people tell him. And Facebook isn’t necessarily good for accurately explaining a person’s whole philosophy on life, and perhaps for similar reasons, people almost always get it wrong when they discuss my political beliefs behind my back.

On the most basic level, I believe people should be free to do whatever they want as long as no one else gets directly hurt–if someone else’s life decisions that don’t actually involve or impact you somehow upset you anyway, that’s your problem and doesn’t count.

My dad’s the one who gets it horribly wrong the most, but he does that with everything. He paints me as a bra-burning Communist who literally worships Obama. Brandon’s said I hate rich people. Paul’s mom just thinks I’m the hippie antichrist. And now John’s running around saying God knows what and using it as evidence that my boyfriend and I are just too different, which brings up another observation.

People who point out how different Paul and I are–or any other people, for that matter–seem to be using it as proof that we shouldn’t be together, don’t belong together, but this is also almost always coming from people who I’ve noticed firsthand have a really hard time interacting with people who aren’t very similar to themselves.

Paul almost dumped me about a year after we’d been dating in part because he was worried we’re too different, and I told him our differences would only be a problem if we made them problems. One of the reasons we work so well as a couple–and this applies to anyone with major differences–is we let each other just be. We don’t try to get each other to do drastically different things to please the other or fall more in line with the other’s personal taste, and we understand and accept each other for who we are. In the world of love and relationships, common ground isn’t the most important thing–it’s how you handle a lack of it, and people who can’t do that have a lot of growing to do as humans and really are denying themselves so much potential for experience and love.

Which is certainly at least a partial problem with John. I mentioned to Fr. Bob that John doesn’t know me, but I wish there was a way to nicely say, “Look, he’s kind of a shitty person.” See, John had a thing for Katie a few years back in high school, possibly even to this day given semi-recent events. He and Katie went to I think prom together, but John never asked her out or anything after that. But Paul’s brother Jacob did, and aside from a brief breakup one summer, they’ve been together ever since. They’re engaged. And apparently, John is so bothered by this–even though his loss is his fault–that he completely stopped speaking to Jacob in the years since and then in the past few months called Katie a cunt and Jacob a pussy right to Katie’s face, so now she’s not speaking to him, either. As the defense big brother, neither is Paul, but John’s been on shaky ground for awhile anyway due to being a hypocrite, racist, and belligerent drunk. I never had a problem with him personally, but I do have a hard time with someone who treats people like that, so he was on his way out of my life, too, especially now that he’s decided to offer up completely uninformed opinions of my political leanings and my relationship.

Great job, dude!


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