Once the snow stops and we dig out, we seem to have a few days before we get hit with another round. My car’s gotten stuck many times. I’ve just been lucky that I haven’t been in any hurry to get where I was going and had time to dig out and neighbors to give me a helpful push. And I don’t think the city of Washington believes in plows.

Except at 7:00 on a Monday morning with a truck significantly restricting the room you have to get out. I could tell it was gonna be a lost cause after lots of struggling, so I just called off from work. I’d intended to shovel out and try to make it out, but the reports were saying not to go out if you didn’t have to and the snow didn’t stop for a few hours, so I figured that even if I did get out, I’d be on roads that probably didn’t even get plowed. Since I was already in, why go out?

I shoveled out when the snow stopped in the afternoon to make my Tuesday morning easier, but it didn’t help at all. First, the snow had started melting then refroze, so I had a big hunk of ice on my windshield that took forever to get off, which made me late enough, and then when I could finally see out my windshield, my car wasn’t budging much from its spot despite my shoveled path. Determined not to miss another day of work, I let them know I’d be late and set to gradually digging out and wiggling out of my spot. It took about a half hour.

All this in the week I was due for a very late annual review (it should’ve been in August). Now, I never miss work and I’m never more than a few minutes late, but I really didn’t want to have such trouble the week of the review.

The review was Wednesday. We had a bit of an ice storm Tuesday night, so I planned in advance, parked i  the flat Methodist-church lot next door, and got up early. The only trouble I had was a very icy car, but the ice had switched to rain overnight so it was more of a gross, thick slush I was able to clear off easily.

After all that mess, my review went well. I moved up two levels to a senior captioner, where I basically have some more independence and responsibility but most importantly, make more money. I could go up one more level, but other than that I’m basically as high as I can go until supervisor level. As ready as I’ve been for a new job, the promotion is refreshing enough that I’m willing to give it another year, unless Paul finds a job farther away.

He came over Thursday night basically for sex, but it was a nice night. And now he’s got a brutal cold like the one that knocked me on my ass the summer we started dating, so I’m probably doomed to get one, too. If he’s well enough, we’re doing a double date tomorrow with Brandon and Kelly, and I might be going to Lynn’s for Sarah’s boyfriend’s birthday–my first weekend back at home since I think around New Year’s? Should be fun, even though I love weekends to myself in my apartment.


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