The snow just keeps on coming.

I tried to plan my weekend around it and did reasonable well. I picked up a pizza and doughnuts Friday and Paul came over. We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day because I’ve always found it to be a stupid Hallmark holiday dedicated to doing something that should be done regularly, although I do love its origins. Plus I think people get too carried away and take it too seriously. Still, Paul showed up with a bouquet of roses and cookies he’d made, though he said to think of it as a random gesture and not a Valentine’s one. I’ll mostly give it to him because it is the sort of thing he does on occasion. Plus he gets bonus points for getting orange roses instead of the standard, cliched red.

We stayed in all night, mostly because it was supposed to snow.

We hung out Saturday morning until I could tell the roads had been plowed, then we headed out for a shopping trip. Coincidentally, my tax refund hit my bank account right as we were getting ready to leave–a direct-deposit alert told me so. So I probably spent a little too much money, but I ended up with a birthday present for my mom, moisturizer for me, and tons of books.

I’d been meaning to try to see Swan Lake in the city but kept forgetting to confirm with Paul, so I finally got around to that at the last minute Friday night and we got tickets for Sunday, somewhat planning around the weather, which is pointless now because the pattern is that it’s usually not as bad as forecast or gets really bad when not forecast at all. Because Sunday was supposed to be a clear day and instead we got nice, thick snow right when we were heading int the city. Good thing we left hella early to drop off recycling that’s taking over my apartment. With traffic and a rare full parking garage I always use when I’m going to the Cultural District, we made it with just a few minutes to spare and completely lucked out by sitting in front of another garage at the very second the “full” sign was taken down. Plus it turned out to be closer than my usual garage, so win all around there. I’ll have to show it to Brandon, who I expect will just insist on the usual garage because that’s what he’s used to.

I’ve never actually seen Swan Lake, which is a little weird considering I used to do ballet and went to my fair share of professional ballets. But I loved it. The Pittsburgh ballerinas get a little off sometimes, but other than that the choreography was solid and the principal dancers, especially the prince and Swan Queen, were fantastic. It’s a pretty long ballet at 2 1/2 hours with two intermissions, but it goes by fast. I was surprised when the curtain went down after the first two acts, partly because the dancers were particularly captivating. As an added bonus, they had the orchestra playing the music live, which was awesome. Paul paid a little more attention to the musicians than I did–he seemed to do a good job of watching both them and the dancers, but after overtures I gave up and was watching the ballerinas.

After that, we had dinner at Hofbrauhaus, and thus ended our Valentine’s weekend even though we don’t celebrate it but went on a very Valentine’s date anyway.

Last year, Brandon, Kelly, and I saw the Pittsburgh Ballet Theater do Moulin Rouge. I’m sensing a tradition…

I’m gonna have to try to catch their Sleeping Beauty and Beauty and the Beast.


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