Friday Five: Bonus Questions 3

  1. Who looks nice but is actually mean? Honestly, there were some attractive Craigs who could be pretty rude. Obviously. Paul’s one sister has her moments, too.
  2. Who looks mean but is actually nice? I can’t think of anyone I know that looks mean, but I have had some rough-looking acquaintances that were the sweetest people ever.
  3. What are your thoughts on red velvet cake, or on the plethora of red-velvet-flavored stuff out there nowadays? I like actual red-velvet cake, though it’s not my favorite cake. I’m not a huge fan of red-velvet-flavored stuff out right now, in part because cake-flavored things make me really thirsty and in part because I don’t think these things taste much like actual red-velvet cake.
  4. What’s the most ridiculous name you’ve ever heard for an actual band? I can’t think of any now, but a lot of the independent artists I’ve written about had some weird, stupid names. And I am so, so happy Kesha dropped that fucking stupid dollar sign. Butthole Surfers is pretty ridiculous.
  5. Who in your life seems to be great at everything except romantic relationships? I don’t know that anyone fits this. Most people I know seem to be about even with general life stuff and romantic relationships–either all is well or all is a mess.
  6. What’s a really appetizing sound? Basically anything involving food cooking.
  7. Who in your life has a voice you really had to get used to? You know, probably Paul. He has such a deep voice.
  8. What’s a sound you hear in your neighborhood that would puzzle newcomers but which you barely even notice anymore? The huge amount of sirens. I live right on a main road pretty close to the fire and police stations, so they’re pretty common. Unless there are a lot that sound like something pretty huge happened, like the other night, I don’t really notice.
  9. A dentist’s drill make a sound that most of us can barely tolerate, but it means something is being done for someone’s well-being. What’s another sound like that? Probably most medical or dental equipment.
  10. Of the sounds you hear when out on a walk, what’s the best? I like general nature sounds–wind blowing through trees, leaves rustling, critter noises.

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