1. What was the name of your college’s sports teams, and what did you think of that name? I believe we were the Bobcats, and I figure it was pretty appropriate–we were a branch campus of Pitt and they’re the Panthers, so a smaller branch campus needs a smaller wild cat.
  2. What was your favorite thing about your college specifically? I thought campus itself was quite pretty and enjoyable. It was just outside of a small city but tucked away enough that it was practically in the woods, and it was far enough away from home that I was living on campus and running my own life but close enough that I could go home when I wanted. Plus we had stellar professors, especially in my department, and I loved that it was kind of a small school
  3. What was your least favorite thing about your college specifically? One of the huge disadvantages of a small college–over half of the student body was commuters, and a lot of them were kids living at home and commuting. That’s fine, but the problem was that a lot of them were still in a very high-school mindset. It wasn’t even a matter of excessive partying, it was just pure immaturity. A lot of the kids hadn’t grown up and didn’t even see the value in doing so. I mean, kids would giggle in class at things even slightly suggestive. I can’t remember the term, but there was a word that came up in my web-design class that could potentially have a sexual use and a group of boys laughed every single time the professor said it. Similarly, Terra was in the psych department and took a class on sexuality, which I believe was required but also could be taken for some as an elective, and although the professor had a good sense of humor and acknowledged the subject matter could make for an awkward class, she often came back afterward complaining about her classmates laughing at the sexual terms themselves. Really?
  4. Where was the best place on your college campus (or near campus) to get lunch? I never ventured off campus because I didn’t have a car, and I’ve never really gone to anywhere other than chains in the area. But we had a Pizza Hut on campus and I devoured their cheesy bread.
  5. Where was the best place on your college campus to spend time alone with someone? I never did this while I was in school, for the most part–Paul was off in State College and never actually visited my dorm–but when we were passing through the area once, we did pit stop for a walk around campus. It’s tucked away enough that you can sneak off to little pavilions or even just on a path through some trees.
  6. Which of your college sports teams was the most competitive? Which was the least? I don’t even know. I never paid attention.
  7. What organizations did you belong to on your college campus, or what campus jobs did you have? Pretty much just the campus paper, which was required for my major, plus an internship I did where my job was pretty much to help set up for our monthly reading series, take everything down, and promote it.
  8. What was the best thing you could get fro a vending machine on your college campus? Never paid much attention to that, either. Besides, I have simple tastes–I pretty much just go for peanut M&Ms.
  9. What’s something you did in college that your parents would have disapproved of? Mostly drinking underage and recreational marijuana use, but they wouldn’t have been too concerned with either of those things.
  10. If you HAD to pick one, which of your college instructors was the hottest? Honestly, I don’t think I’d pick because the men I had were all older. There were some pretty ladies, though.

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