The Lego Movie

Back when Paul and I first saw the trailer for The Lego Movie, we got really excited and knew we had to see it. I’m pretty sure half the reason he wants to have kids one day is so he has an excuse to play with Legos, and I grew up playing with them with Brandon. So Brandon was obviously excited, too, and the originally plan was to double date with him and Kelly.

Turns out Paul got sick opening weekend. We put it off a day, but when he still wasn’t up for it, I told Brandon and Kelly to go without us, which worked for him because he was cranky enough when I asked to put it off one day.

The problem is Paul and I just got around to seeing it over the weekend, but at least we loved it.

I’d previously seen this review on Least Helpful calling the movie “liberal trash.” I suspect it was written by a very angry, sad human who was never encouraged to be creative or pursue his own dreams.

Here’s the thing: it was a legitimately good movie, not just a fun kids’ movie that we all enjoyed for nostalgic purposes. Sure, the animation and Lego gags were probably my favorite part overall, but it was funny and clever with a nice, feel-good plot about creativity and even to a certain degree, extremes–the creative characters and the more straight-laced ones collaborate to get out trouble, showing that both attributes have value, though the movie itself is all about celebrating creativity and what makes people different.

Which, according to the aforementioned reviewer, counts as indoctrination. I feel bad for his kids, and I’m guessing he probably agreed with Fox News when they said Mr. Rogers’ self-esteem-boosting messages of everyone being special and important are destroying children and he’s “evil.”

And bonus points for poking fun at just about every film stereotype there is and having very, very tight writing where nothing is a throwaway but rather everything is important.

I know it’s a kids’ movie based on a toy that looks a little silly, and in some ways it is silly, but it’s one of those movies that’s got a lot going for it and isn’t just for the kids, so don’t brush it off. I don’t think it’ll be the next Frozen, but I do think it’s comparable in writing and plot quality.


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