The weekend was fun. Paul came over Friday night to hang out as usual, then got up early as hell to pick Jacob up from the airport since he’s got a week of leave. Since Paul got up so early, I ended up early, and Jacob was texting me to see if Paul got his texts about the flight landing since Paul doesn’t always text anyone else back and his entire family uses me when they can’t get to him, and by that time I was pretty sure I wasn’t gonna fall back asleep, so I just got up.

I won Pirate tickets at work, and the plan was to go with Paul, but he’d forgotten about this gun bash for a fire department all the men in his family were going to, so after a few days of prodding, I convinced Brandon to go instead. He kept saying he had a paper to write, but no college student is spending a Saturday night on a paper. I lured him in too with suggestions of dinner at Grille 36, but he got so messed up in traffic on the way to my apartment that it was way too late, so we just headed to PNC Park to park and explore the park to find food. We settled on sushi and hibachi steak.

The game itself wasn’t great. It was cold as fuck–after this winter, temperatures in the 40s seem warm, but after sitting in it for a few hours, it’s terrible. I warmed up in the bathroom and with some hot food. The Pirates also lost, but it was still a good time. It was fireworks night, which was probably the best part–closing down a bridge and some streets and setting off fireworks looks cool as hell.

They do this contest where they number the programs and then draw a number and the winning numbers get free slot play at the casino, and our programs won. You only have 24 hours after the first pitch to claim them, so Brandon talked me into going, especially since the casino is so close to the park. And since we were there, we decided to go ahead and play a little, especially since we were playing on the casino’s money. We actually hit well enough to keep playing for a little bit but ultimately lost everything. That said, “everything” was like 20 to 30 bucks each, tops. I was hoping to double my slot play of $15, but I didn’t get much past $20 before I lost.

Brandon crashed at my apartment, then we both got up Sunday and both came back home. Paul came over after Brandon got back–I was behind him because I had to get ready and pack an overnight bag–so the two of them played Magic the Gathering while Kelly and I made fun of Brandon for insisting he had to get this paper but procrastinating amazingly.

Paul and I went out to the Geyer theater in Scottdale to see Chelsea in a play again–You Can’t Take It with You–which was good and funny. Paul express interest in community theater, both attending more and possibly getting involved in it. After the play, we went to glorious Italian Oven, because apparently that’s the one Italian place Paul actually loves after spending our entire relationship telling me he doesn’t like Italian food.

The rest of the night and even today has been pretty lazy. I finally got to use the sauna my parents bought, I did my laundry for free, and my uncle found out my cousin basically dropped out of college but is still living in State College and they’ve been sending him money for almost two years, thinking he was enrolled and going to class. So now we’re not sure what he’s been doing in the meantime–other than apparently receiving messages from God telling him to help Africa. At least the messages are good and helpful, but I’m suspicious and suspect mental illness and my mom’s suspicious and suspects drugs. The past couple months, my uncle’s been stopping by my parents’ house more and more to vent about things, mostly his wife, and he came over for a bit this morning and he and my dad went out to breakfast. They’ve been gone about three hours, and I’m about to pack up and head out for my weekly groceries and to meet my mom on her lunch hour to buy a dress I saw advertised that’s similar to one I had to return to H&M because it didn’t fit.

And then I have the rest of the day off. Saturday rotations for me this month.


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