I wrangled Paul to go out for me for Record Store Day Saturday morning since I had to work, so he came over Friday night and surprised me with Sandman–except it was the wrong volume. When he’d texted me asking which one was next, I thought he meant the one he was on since he reads them as I finish them, so he was a bit disappointed in the mix-up. The good news is he bought it from a comic shop a few blocks away that we’re in so often that the owner knows us, so he called and organized an exchange for the next day.

He’d also had the day off and spent part of it getting yelled at by his mother about authority or something because he told her (nicely) she needs to butt out of his brother Josh’s life and leave him alone. Paul and Josh have very similar personalities–Josh is basically a more extreme version of Paul, so when Paul says he understands what Josh is thinking or feeling and therefore knows how to approach him, I believe him. Meanwhile, his mother seems to take issue whenever someone disagrees with her on certain things, especially in front of her kids. I get disliking certain criticisms or not wanting to be embarrassed, but it’s not like most of her kids haven’t already figured out she’s overbearing and full of shit, and it’s not like we’re dealing with young kids–we’re dealing with kids in their late teens or early 20s and are expected by the rest of society to be running their own lives.

Record Store Day ended up being a fail. I told him he didn’t have to go because I was figuring on long lines and didn’t want to make him wait all morning, but he said he’d do it and got there about a half hour after opening. Last year, I waited till mid-morning to avoid crowds and ending up missing out on David Bowie’s new album on vinyl, which is still a huge letdown, so I figured this year, around opening time would yield much better odds. But apparently, that was still too late, as by the time Paul got in there, everything I wanted was gone. Fortunately, the whole trip wasn’t a waste and he bought himself some CDs. I’m thinking of making a trip out there soon since I didn’t get to experience the day or its purpose myself.

We hung out for a little while when I finished work, walked up to the comic shop since it was a nice day even though my legs regretted it because I underestimated the slight hill on the way, and then we walked through town–the part Steve insists is a slum, mind you–trying to find this gelato place I know I saw once on my way home from therapy. There’s a cafe where I thought the gelato place was, so either they have gelato and aren’t advertising it anymore, they have seasonal gelato, or they replaced the gelato place.

When that quest obviously was a fail, too, we walked back to my apartment and then took my car to a Rita’s, which I don’t think I’ve ever had before, and Paul bought a frozen-custard cake to take home and we both went home for Easter, where I made Grandma’s potato salad with my mom, who is getting over bronchitis.

Easter was nice. Paul’s family had invited my whole family over, but I’m still running on my fill of them from Thanksgiving and prefer my family’s low-key, much-less-chaotic approach to holidays. I planned to turn him down but did pass the invite along as promised, and turns out it was probably for the best because of that pesky bronchitis. Instead, he came over for a little bit, I went over there for a little bit, and things worked much better that way, I think. The only downer was Paul’s grandfather went to the hospital Friday for cellulitis and was still in over Easter, so we stopped by for a nice visit with him that he seemed to appreciate. From what I’ve heard, he wasn’t the greatest of parents, but he’s very easy to talk to and get along with. So he’s basically like my dad’s dad.

My mom still does Easter baskets for Brandon and I–and of course, Duke, too–which is fun as an adult. It means I get everything from candy to silly things like bunny sippy cups to useful things like Giant Eagle gift cards.

My goal was to spend most of Monday at my apartment, but that, too, was a fail and I did things like relax in my parents’ sauna, shop and lunch with my mom, and finally indulge in Vinny’s, which opened for the season. And who should I see working there but Nicole, Sarah’s ex, who was nice enough to pay for my milkshake.

Finally, I made my way back here in the evening, unfortunately sans Easter leftovers–my mom and I finished off our whole batch of potato salad by Monday morning.


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