Friday Five: Small World

  1. What’s the story about the time you learned that two people you knew separately also knew each other? My favorite ever! Back before I knew either of them, Paul and Sarah’s ex Nicole went to middle school together. I can’t remember details–I think they attended some function together–and the way Paul tells it, Nicole took this to mean they were a couple.
  2. What’s the story about the time you ran into someone you knew but didn’t recognize him or her because your acquaintance with the person was specific to a completely different setting? I don’t think I’ve ever actually had this happen, but I have said more than once I completely expect it with my coworkers.
  3. What’s the story about the time you lost something important and then found it after you’d already purchased its replacement? I can’t think of a time where I lost something, but I did once buy a phone charger in State College because I desperately needed one but no one I was with had an iPhone. Good thing, too, because I somehow lost my usual charger in the abyss of my bedroom. Technically, Paul lost it when he shuffled things around one day because I use the half of my bed I don’t sleep in as a shelf when he’s not staying over.
  4. What’s the story about the time you were tight with someone you normally didn’t hang out with because he or she was the only person you knew at some function? When Leah had her 31 party last year, she told me Marion and Sarah were supposed to go, and if they were, they never showed up. The party was mostly Leah’s relatives, and even though I know some of them, I don’t know them as well as, say, Terra’s or Paul’s family, and I actually ended up talking a good bit to one of her best friends, Chrissy.
  5. What’s the story about the time you learned that someone you thought you knew only recently was really someone you knew a long time ago too? I can’t think of this happening, either, but I do find this happens with actors I like–I’ll watch a movie, fall in love with an actor, want to binge on everything they’ve ever been in, and discover they were in quite a few things I loved as a kid. It hasn’t happened lately, though–it was more common when I had more time for Netflix in high school.

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