Friday Five: Figure Five

1. In what way was someone recently rude to you? Paul’s mom essentially threw a temper tantrum last weekend when he said he was going to go to brunch with my family–I’m talking like threw a bitch fit and complained, then ran away crying. So despite the fact that my parents made reservations and are considerate enough to include him in these things, he didn’t go because mommy didn’t want him to. Now, granted, it puts him in a shitty position, but I definitely pin it on her and say it was a very selfish, disrespectful thing to do, and it’s the latest example of me getting fucked over and treated less like Paul’s serious girlfriend and more like Paul’s little toy she can keep him from playing with.
2. What’s the most macho thing you’ve done recently? I had a dream last night that Paul’s parents came to my apartment and his mom started being really, genuinely mean to him, so I kicked her out. In real life, I don’t even know. I live a pretty non-macho existence. It was probably like opening a jar or bottle by myself.
3. What was the last occasion for which you wore a mask? A real, tangible mask? I don’t even remember. It had to have been Halloween, but I never had a Halloween costume that actually required masks. Maybe wearing this skeleton mask Brandon used to have to try to scare someone? But a metaphorical mask–hmm. I like to think I don’t, but I guess in certain situations, I play nicer than I am. Like when I encounter Paul’s mom.
4. What’s a nice encounter you’ve had recently with nature? Paul and I went to the mountains a few weeks ago on a nice day and just spent a good few hours hiking. We’ve resolved to do such things more often. We’re checking out this huge park between my apartment and work tomorrow.
5. Who cuts your hair? Donald Stalnaker at Shear Symmetry! My mom’s been going to him since I was little, and I like him and his staff and I trust them with my hair. I think my latest cut is my favorite and looks really nice with my combination of curls and facial structure.

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