Friday Five: Shadows

1. When have you had to choose the lesser of two evils? Here’s a life lesson I learned about the lesser of two evils (sort of): I always toed this line between keeping quiet about certain issues to avoid conflict versus speaking up, which could make things worse, sure, but it could also make things better. And what I’ve learned is keeping your mouth shut actually creates the bigger messes. So both options suck, but the lesser of the two evils is to address a problem as soon as it arises and save everyone involved lots of pain and frustration.
2. When have your good intentions resulted in something awful? You know, the previous question and my answer are actually a good example–I’ve let people get away with doing and saying some pretty shitty things in an attempt to avoid  conflict, but I ended up fucking myself over and getting hurt in the end. I’m not saying not to consider other people’s feelings when handling things, but there’s never anything wrong with saying to someone, “This hurts me and it is not okay.” And I once expressed concerns over someone’s relationship that someone else ultimately used against me.
3. In your experience, have two wrongs ever made a right? Not that I can think of.
4. When have you had to let virtue be its own reward? I don’t really brag about things I do well, good deeds I do, and just generally being a nice person. And there’s a handful of people who have said such racist and generally terrible things on Facebook and Twitter that if I was motivated enough and didn’t feel it would be a huge bitch move, I could easily get them fired. There’s also a high-school teacher of mine that’s done some things that would probably wreck his marriage and career.
5. What is the worst toll stress has ever taken on you? Physically, not much, and I think it’s less stress and more just poor sleeping and eating habits, but I do occasionally get really run down and end up sick. I’m on the verge of that now. Emotionally, I just end up crying a lot or dwelling on the stressful thing. I cried a lot the summer I effectively left the Craigs. I cried a lot last summer when the combination of Paul’s mom and the various effects night shift has led to lots of relationship stress. And I cry when I get frustrated–if I feel kind of stuck or don’t know what to do, it’s like the only reaction my brain can come to is tears.


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