It’s been a busy couple of weeks full of good times and even better company. In short, I’ve seen more of Stephanie, Meri, and Sarah in the past three weeks than I have in a few months, especially Stephanie.

Everyone wanted to hang out again after our late-night hangout Mother’s Day weekend, but Paul came over to my apartment and Stephanie texted when we were already on our way to the movies to see Godzilla. Now, Pual’s love of Godzilla is one of those things I’ve been hearing about pretty much the entire four-ish years we’ve been dating, so this was a big deal for him and I wasn’t gonna bail on that and drive an hour, though I am bummed that I missed one last hangout with Marissa before she went back to Philadelphia for school.

It was a nice weekend for Paul and I, though–I liked Godzilla, he loved it, and I got to use my coupon for free popcorn. And we’re determined to go at least once every weekend, as long as the weather holds out, and get out and do something active. A couple weeks ago, we went to the mountains, and since he was out here, we checked out this huge park I’ve passed when I take back roads home from work, usually to drop off recycling, although they have this big sign up now that only township residents can recycle there. So either I recycled so much they got sick of me or other people had the same idea. I’m betting on the latter.

This park was seriously huge. We walked around it for I think a solid three to four hours and didn’t see the whole thing, and I was really dragging by the time we left. We also kind of miscalculated and should’ve turned back earlier than we did. It was a good, productive walk, but I felt like shit the next day–almost hung over, yet I can drink to the point of throwing up plenty and be fine the next day. My body is backwards.

Because I can’t be all healthy all the time, we followed up the park with a trip to Rita’s for some Italian ice and frozen custard. It’s my new favorite thing since we discovered it, and I’d be there right now if not for Paul’s headache.


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