Booking Through Thursday: Extremes

What’s the furthest you’ve ever gone to get something to read? (Think extremes as well as miles—wrangling a ride from a stranger to a distant bookstore just to get the newest book from a favorite author?) If your absolute favorite author (living or dead) was coming out with a brand new book tomorrow, how far would you go, what would you do to get a copy?

The most extreme thing I can think of is when I wanted a copy of The Pianist long after it had been reprinted for the movie release, and I wasn’t finding it in any used stores. The best I could do was Amazon, and I think there were like three used copies. Basically, I really overpaid considering it’s a used book, but now I’ve got an early, out-of-print edition of The Pianist.

But I’m not really interested in driving far or doing something crazy to score a new book as soon as it comes out. Part of it is logistics and money–I have so many books to read still and so many I want to get in the future that I don’t keep much track, and I kind of just get big hauls when my bank account and time allow.

Now, if we’re talking things like signed first editions or in-person signings, that’s different. Granted work and money complicate things, but I’m definitely willing to travel to see someone give a lecture or do a signing, Fortunately, some pretty good people roll through Pittsburgh–I’ve seen Neil Gaiman and Augusten Burroughs, although I keep missing David Sedaris.

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