And Then There Was One

If you had told me back in college that at least a solid half of my friends would move across the country to pursue careers or dreams or just new lives, I wouldn’t have believed you–not because I didn’t believe it but because it’s one of those things that lots of people talk about but few actually do. Hell, I was surprised our Craigcations actually happened.

But a couple weeks ago, we saw another friend off–this time Tessa for Los Angeles to pursue acting, and we saw her off with a going-away party at Lynn’s, because how else are we gonna do it?

It was a nice, unusually low-key night for Lynn’s–it was crowded for dinner, but within an hour or so, almost everyone cleared out and the bar was mostly empty except for some regulars and Tessa’s friends, which was nice. I prefer bars when they’re quiet (unless dancing is happening), which probably means I prefer not going to bars.

Really, it was a nice, calm night. Nothing happened, we all just sat and talked and hung out and took pictures and wrote in Tessa’s sort of guestbook with well-wishes, memories, and advice with varying degrees of seriousness, like “don’t do porn.”

Best of luck to Tessa. I hope to see her in a show at work, except not in the distant future because I want to be looking for a new job before 2014 ends.

As it was Memorial Day weekend, Paul, Brandon, Kelly, and I went the next day to Ohiopyle, which ended up being too much of a clusterfuck to enjoy, so after a pretty short hike, Paul and I headed off to Sarah’s for a cookout, which is always a good time. It was kind of a low-key day there, too, although no one stayed too late.

And with that, there was just one thing left to do–have a little going-away party for Meri the following weekend, as she took a job in El Paso.


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