And Then There Were None

We started Meri’s send-off to El Paso with a group dinner at Vietnamese restaurant Nguyen’s. I had the misfortune of eating small box of Bagel Bites before Meri texted everyone about getting dinner first, so I stuck to sushi, which is the smartest choice for me at Nguyen’s as their portions are huge and Paul heckles me every single time my judgment fails and I order the pad thai.

After the waitress found out about Meri’s move, she got a complimentary desert with the plate decorated with cowboy boots. It was adorable and amazing and we devoured it as a group.

And the rest of the night was spent just pretty much dicking around and drinking. We played a couple hilarious rounds of kings, Paul acted like an ass and sucked up to me so hard the next day that he offered to take me to see the new Oz movie, even though it looks like a silly child’s movie and he doesn’t want to go.

It was one of those nights that in some ways was uneventful but was nearly perfect (Paul ruined it for me, that’s how much of an ass I thought he was). But the company was great and everyone seemed to have a good time, and it was a nice low-key send-off, I think.

Best of luck to Meri in El Paso. I look forward to her tweets.

The next day, Brandon and I saw Eddie Izzard in Pittsburgh. It was our second time seeing him and while I think he was funnier the last time we saw him (I actually cried), he’s still my favorite comedian, I still laughed the whole time, and I still had a great time.

Shout-out to the man two rows in front of us who threw the middle finger after a joke about the Tea Party. I’m not sure what you were expecting, sir, seeing an openly transvestite and liberal comedian.

He didn’t return after intermission, but that just meant a couple in the same row stole his and his wife’s seats and got a better view, so hooray for them! Plus it’s always a miserable experience to be sitting near someone who isn’t enjoying the show and is being a disrespectful ass about it.

Brandon and I stuck around for a post-show Q&A he did out in the lobby, which was pretty cool. I wish people would’ve asked more creative questions–like, you know, ones he hasn’t answered plenty in interviews already–but I’m sure some people just want to chance to speak to him, which I get. I was content just to listen to him and see him, especially outside of a performance setting.


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