Friday Five: All’s Fair

1. How do you feel about carnival rides? When my mom was in high school, she went to a little pop-up carnival I think at the mall and saw a bunch of boxes full of gears and parts that seemingly belonged to the rides. This concerned her and she was afraid the temporary nature made them unsafe, and we were never allowed to ride them. Now, I think the parts in those boxes could’ve been spares or something, but a childhood of being told rides were unsafe and you couldn’t go on them rubs off on you, so I share her paranoia and won’t go near them. Also doesn’t help that I have an irrational fear of permanent, relatively safe roller coasters–I’ll go on them and love them, but I’m always afraid of some catastrophe like flying out of a harness or the coaster derailing or collapsing or even just breaking down while I’m on it. And actually, these things might all be related…

2. How do you feel about carnival games? It’s s similar thing–we were at least allowed to play some, but we were always told they were rigged and we most likely wouldn’t win. Even though I’ve seen things on how to win, I don’t have much interest in most of them now anyway. Except for the dumb ones, like Duck Pond. And the county fair has a ring toss where you can win knives and it’s the most questionable redneck game ever.

3. What’s your favorite carnival food? Cotton candy, snow cones, lemonade, and anything fried. I’m not sure if this is a local thing or what, but fairs here also feature haluski, and it’s even better at the county fair when it’s made by the local churches. Local churches always have skilled little old ladies making prime haluski.

4. Which animals do you look forward to seeing at the fair? Since I’m a vegetarian, I’m iffy on animals at fairs and carnivals, at least in things like petting zoos because I’m never sure they’re being treated humanely. That said, I love goats in petting zoos.

5. How much does it cost to ride the bus in your city? I had to look it up, but it depends on where you’re going–$1.50 within Washington, $2.50 to take it out to Canonsburg/Southpointe, which is where I work, or $5 to take it into Pittsburgh.


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