I’m pretty over mandatory overtime. Granted, a nine-hour workday isn’t terrible, but I’d like to be back on my normal schedule for longer than a week or so. That said, the beefy paychecks will be nice.

This weekend was nice, too. Stephanie had a jewelry party–and the concept of going to someone’s house to buy things is foreign to Paul, naturally–and Paul’s new place is like 15-20 minutes from hers, which is pretty nice and convenient. So I figured I’d head straight to the area after work and go to the mall until Paul got out of work. The goal was to buy birthday presents for him, Meri, and Terra, which was a complete failure. At least I bought a ton of CDs and some cute shorts for myself, but that combined with the money I ultimately spent at the jewelry party made me feel guilty. I’m in a weird financial state of being happy with my savings account yet wishing it was bigger, so I can technically afford to splurge a little and it’s not a big deal, I just feel like I shouldn’t be. Yet like I said, mandatory overtime–they’re forcing me to make more money.

The  jewelry party was nice, though. I got some nice stuff for myself and my mom–and potential birthday presents were once again a huge fail–and even though I only knew Stephanie, Garrett, and her mom, I had a good time and her other friends there were all really nice and they were fun to hang out with. And I ended up staying hacking with Steph and Garrett pretty late before I made my way back to Paul’s.

Which, by the way, is amazing. He’s moved past the stress and into loving having his own space and his own stuff. The only tiny hiccups are things like his mom calling a lot when he was sick last week and him not really wanting to go visit home, but he did go back to get his gecko and used her as an excuse to not get stuck at the house too long. Pretty sly. Poor gecko is stressed, too, though, plus she’s due to shed soon, which apparently isn’t the best of circumstances, either. She’s been hiding in her little rock. And as much as I typically don’t like reptiles, I have to admit she’s pretty cute and it’ll be neat to see her next time I’m over. Plus she was always in her tank in his bedroom, which I think I went in maybe five times total when he lived at home.

I did successful birthday shopping Saturday, and Paul and I had a little  lunch at Primanti’s. And then we lounged the rest of the day–we finally finished watching Cowboy Bebop, which we started when he was in college, and I cried at the end. I ended up liking it a lot more than I expected. I certainly didn’t expect to cry over that ending, although I was warned it was sad.

Sunday was the family’s annual zoo trip, which Paul passed on, probably partly because he was tired and hadn’t gotten the gecko yet and was debating going. So I got up, got ready, and got out and to the zoo, which was probably one of the most fun zoo trips we’ve had in recent years–a lot of the animals were out and active, including the elephants being hilarious in their little pool.

My mom makes fun of Brandon and I for being in our 20s and insisting on going to the zoo every summer–me especially because I get a souvenir cup every year, and I almost wanted to go for my 25th birthday. But I did succeed in getting more birthday presents! I got a little penguin wallet for Terra.

After that, it was my usual weekly grocery trip, and I’m thrilled that it’s finally time for that to include local produce.

Long live summer.


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