Booking Through Thursday: Letters

Different kind of reading … what do you think about letters? Do you ever send them anymore? Receive them? Or do you just do email and texts instead? Do you miss the days when people used to write letters?

Rare as they are, I do think they’re really nice. In some ways, they’re actually a pretty impersonal form of communication, but because they take more time and effort, they’re a little more meaningful. My friends–Sarah especially–were good at sending the occasional letter to keep in touch, especially as college and the working world have pulled us separate ways, and I always enjoy receiving them. It’s nice to get mail that’s not bills. I also always write a letter in response to one I receive, and one of my New Year’s resolutions was to start sending snail mail to my friends–not necessarily full letters, but cards for special occasions. I do prefer email and text and even hanging out in person, but letters aren’t a bad way to go at all.

I’m also a huge fan of therapeutic letter-writing. Sometimes, certain issues–or people–are difficult to confront in person and rude to address via text or email or IM, and a letter is a nice way to address something on your terms. It’s calm, it’s organized, and you get your chance to say what you need to say, and sometimes the process of just writing it is so effective, you’ve gotten everything out of your system and don’t need to send it. I’ve definitely written semi-confrontational letters I never sent, I know people who have done the same, and Terra and I even suggested Paul do it when issues with his mother were peaking and he was having a hard time addressing them with her.


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