Friday Five: Octopi

  1. 1. What’s something you own at least eight of? Pairs of shoes, just about every type clothing item I own, CDs, books, records.
  2. 2. How particular are you about the ink in the pens you write with? Not very particular at all, but I do have a slight preference for a nice, flowing ink.
  3. 3. What’s something interesting you know about octopi? Just that inky business, really. That and I once saw a GIF of an octopus unscrewing the lid of a closed jar it was inside of.
  4. 4. What seems to have a suction-cup-like grip on your attention lately? I don’t really know. I can’t think of anything I’ve been that incredibly focused on, at least not more so than other things.
  5. 5. These questions were inspired by a song in which one of the repeated lyrics is often playfully mis-sung as “How am I gonna be an octopus about this?” That was going to be my question #5 this week, but then I thought nobody would ever come back after a thing like that, so your real question is: When you travel, whether it’s to a completely different culture or just to a neighboring state, how adventurous is your approach to the cuisine? Sufficiently adventurous, I think. Before I went to Mexico, I mentioned that I was considering doing a vegetarian hiatus for the trip, although not because I wanted to eat meat like the Craigs thought and encouraged–I thought eating vegetarian in Mexico, at least off of the resort, would be hard logistically. I thought vegetarian food would be hard to find, especially considering I don’t like beans, but I was also pretty confident that the Craigs would have no patience if I requested we seek out vegetarian-friendly restaurants and would’ve basically said, “Too bad.” I got by on shrimp. But the thing with traveling and being a vegetarian is that I do think it’s important to experience other cultures, so I’m willing to taste non-vegetarian foods–I did that at the Greek food festival Paul and I went to recently, although I won’t give it up entirely and order meat dishes for myself. All that said, though, I do have limits–I’m not gonna eat anything too crazy, meat or otherwise.

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