I took Friday off and went with my parents Thursday night for Duke’s usual trip to Ohio to get his checkup after his cataract surgery last year. It wasn’t a particularly exciting trip–Duke is still fun to travel with because he’s like an excited little kid, my dad’s obnoxious snoring led to a shitty night’s sleep, and Duke’s eyes are great and he doesn’t have to go back for a year. Previously, it was every three months, then six, and now he’s up to annual visits. And he’s still a jerk to every other dog that walks by him in the lobby.

My mom and I did have an irritating experience in the hotel pool, though. A few obnoxious kids were in there screaming and taking up the whole pool and doing cannonballs right next to us and all that fun stuff, obviously limiting us to a tiny section of the pool where we could only move elsewhere when there was a tiny break in the chaos. Now, I get kids not being particularly quiet or aware of respect and personal space, but what pissed me off was their parents were supervising them and seeing them do all this and failing to stop them or say anything–they let them run rampant, at least until one of the mothers came in and reigned them in. The dads didn’t seem to care too much. Terra said in he experience, dads mainly just make sure the kids don’t get hurt or die, but the moms are more likely to try to get them to behave. I considered that, but at the same time, my dad never would have let Brandon and I act like that.

Then yesterday, Paul and I went to an annual summer party one of his coworkers throws, which was a great time.

Paul and I have very different work environments–mine is much more quiet staffed with shy introverts whose jobs require minding their own business at a computer wearing headphones for eight hours, and his involves much more interaction and working together. So for one thing, everyone is really outgoing and fun. They also love to drink, and ending a night with a bunch of drunk coworkers is very foreign to me, but it was also hilarious and awesome.

The one thing that wasn’t awesome was the one guy’s dad, who ultimately outed himself as a crazy, paranoid conspiracy theorist. He was fine at first, talking about evidence to back up that the planet isn’t actually getting any warmer, and I might’ve been willing to listen–especially considering these are people who work in the sciences and were described by one guy (in the midst of stories about pranks and “Pissgate”) as some of the greatest minds in the country–until he said that global warming is a hoax concocted by our “communist Muslim” president. And then he handed us his business card, which describes how the nearby Flight 93 points toward mecca.

There were times when the conversation was okay and interesting, and he did have some decent life philosophies, like that everything is a certain way regardless of how someone sees it, but he lost me right after that, too, when he said if a liberal heard that, they “would roll backwards off this porch” because I guess his reasoning is that liberals can’t accept the fact that certain things are inherently true. Which is weird because for one thing, I’m a liberal who didn’t roll backwards of the porch when he said that–I actually agreed with him, as did everyone else involved in the conversation. It was also weird because he also clearly rejected any facts that didn’t mesh with his personal beliefs, like when he started to say how numbers indicating only a small percentage of Muslims are terrorists is a lie. And that was when I leaned over to Paul and quietly asked to relocate because I was unwilling to listen to such bigoted bullshit. And the best part is he’d implied earlier that he dislikes bigotry and prejudice, yet also explained the origins of prejudice in a way that seemed to justify it.

Other than that, though, good times!


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