Fall is officially setting in. I’ve complained before about how we didn’t get much of a summer, but warmer temperatures did linger throughout most of September. And now leaves are slowly changing and falling, and I’ve spent most of the weekend in a hoodie and my new boots.

It’s been a cold weekend, clearly. I was hoping to squeeze in a walk or two in the park, but as it barely hit 50 and I hate the cold, that didn’t happen. But I did find an indoor heated pool very close to Paul’s apartment, so we’re hoping to make a weekly habit of swimming once some eventful weekends coming up pass. Our original plan was to do indoor rock climbing through the winter to get/stay in shape and take the place of our walking routines, but we figured out pretty quick that the expenses of that will add up. Indoor heated pool is five bucks, potentially cheaper with monthly passes or a full membership, and we could walk to it if we really wanted to. And my parents have been swimming at their local YMCA a few times a week for a few months now, and my mom’s noticeably thinner. I don’t think Paul and I need to get thinner, but we both could benefit from exercise.

It was a lazy weekend. We went to the movies and saw A Walk Among the Tombstones. Paul’s been trying to hunt down Lawrence Block’s Matthew Scudder series for awhile and I did get him one for his birthday. When he heard about a movie adaptation of one starring Liam Neeson, he was pretty into going, and it definitely looked good. And it was. It’s a series about a retired cop who becomes a private detective of sorts, and this one in particular followed a guy who was trying to figure out who kidnapped and murdered his wife. In some ways, it’s a very cliched story and a very cliched setup, but–and this is probably a testament to Block’s writing and how long the series has been ongoing–it didn’t feel cliched. It’s not necessarily groundbreaking or new, either, but it’s has enough effective yet not cheap twists to keep you engaged as a viewer. It’s not a mind-blowing movie or the best movie ever made–maybe not even the best movie of the year–but it is worth seeing, especially for fans of procedural/crime dramas. And Liam Neeson is excellent, as always. I’d definitely love to see more of him as Matt Scudder.

We also had dinner Friday night at the Upper Crust, which was unusually slow with mediocre service, then dinner Saturday at Mr. Gyro’s, where we haven’t been in awhile. We also made a stop at the Gaming Dungeon last night and did my grocery shopping today after it became pretty clear the weather wasn’t going to warm up to my standards to go walking.

I’m hoping the local farmers-market stands stay open just a little bit longer. I’ll miss my regular influx of good, cheap produce when they’re gone for the season.


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