Friday Five: Cards Against Humanity

  1. How many of those frequent buyer stamp-cards are you carrying around, and which promises the best reward upon completion? Technically, six, although two are for the same place and one is for a place that’s since switched over to an app. The best is probably one for mini golf because it requires the fewest number of punches/stamps before you get a free game. A couple of them get you $20 off after you spend so much money.
  2. How many of those magnetic-stripped discount cards are you carrying around, and which offers the best rewards? So many. 11. Almost all of them accumulate points which then get you discounts or free stuff. The best one is probably for Sheetz, which gets me three cents off gas plus a free food item, drink, etc. after I buy 10. I’m also a big fan of the Sephora one, which doesn’t get you much more than samples, which leads to me buying more stuff there, but it fuels my addiction. The one for the local movie theater is good, too. You have to spend a good bit to get perks, but the perks are free snacks and free admission, so it’s something.
  3. How many other people’s business cards do you carry around, and which do you refer to most? Just one, and it’s an old business card from my employer’s HR guy from when I interviewed over three years ago, and this meme inspired me to toss it out because I don’t need it. I did have my therapist’s card in my purse, and that’s getting pinned to me cork board for reference.
  4. How far away from you is the nearest deck of playing cards? I don’t think there’s one in this apartment at all, actually.
  5. How many identification cards with your photo do you carry around? Just two–driver’s license and work ID.

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